high heel requirement at work?

Robin Panza panzar at clpgh.org
Tue Feb 6 04:50:16 EST 1996

In article <4f3qvp$395 at oznet07.ozemail.com.au>, Lesley McKeown <mckeownl at voyager.co.nz> writes:
> Nothing wrong with a dress code - a guy is expeced to wear a tie - at 
> least you can slip your shoes off under the boardroom table - better than 
> being choked by some fashionable noose! Besides, at 5'2", thank god for 
> high heels, otherwise I'd be staring at my colleagues' ties!!
> Lesley McKeown.
> PS - don't forget the Neatfeet.

There's nothing wrong with *some* dress codes.  There is something very wrong
with a dress code that causes serious and long-term physical damage.  High
heels cause foot deformities that can cripple, and increase the risk of broken
ankles.  A tie is not comparable, as it need not be worn so that it *literally*
chokes the person.  The risk to one's health from a tie is negligible, compared
to the risk from heels.

That said, I must also point out that I have little patience for dress codes
that demand ties, either.  Suits and ties, dresses and nylons, all that is so
silly for day-to-day wear, IMHO.  But then, I work where I can choose to wear
almost anything, from jeans/t-shirts/running shoes to dress/nylons/heels.

Robin Panza
Section of Birds
Carnegie Museum of Natural History

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