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In article <4f5gp5$h1k at post.its.mcw.edu>, "Jennifer L. Potter" <jras at post.its.mcw.edu> writes:
>Hi all,
>I have really been enjoying this thread, because I will be in the same 
>situation in 1999 when my husband graduates with his MD/PhD and we need 
>to find him a residency and myself a faculty position (or, post-doc #2).
>I would like to share the experience of a woman here:  She received a 
>position here as a tenure-track professor (in a dept where she was the 
>only woman prof) but didn't have a great start-up package...she struggled 
>with what she had (and noticed that others in similar positions had 
>received more) and is today a full prof and quite an asset to the dept.
>She said that she asked the Chair why she didn't get space, equipment, 
>etc.  He replied that no one thought she would be at the institution long 
>because she was "following her husband (an MD) and might not be around 
>long".  The truth was just the opposite...her husband took a less than 
>optimal position so *she* could take this position.  
>The moral of the story might be that being up front is not always a bad 
>thing, although I don't know the specifics of her interviewing process.
>Another lesson, one which she emphasized, was to really bargain for the 
>best start-up package you can get instead of being thankful for what you 
>are given.   
This begs the question of exactly what is a "good" start-up package ...and with
the competition so stiff...is this actually an option?


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