high heel requirement at work?

Brian W. Tague taguebw at wfu.edu
Tue Feb 6 11:01:17 EST 1996

panzar at clpgh.org (Robin Panza) wrote:
>There's nothing wrong with *some* dress codes.  There is something very wrong
>with a dress code that causes serious and long-term physical damage.  High
>heels cause foot deformities that can cripple, and increase the risk of broken

While I agree completely with the above statement....

 >A tie is not comparable, as it need not be worn so that it *literally*
>chokes the person.

...a tie need not be worn as such *but* it usually is and...

>The risk to one's health from a tie is negligible, compared
>to the risk from heels.

..this may not be true. I remember reading that ties cause a significant drop in flow of blood to the brain (don't remember where I saw that) and that should cause a significant long-term problem....

But all in all I would not trade male restrictive clothing for female restrictive clothing....

My 2 electrons....


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