dressing down?

Sabine Dippel sabine at hlrz24.zam.kfa-juelich.de
Thu Feb 8 03:48:36 EST 1996

Joy Frestedt wrote:

> OK I'll bite...
> "they just like this woman to look like a woman."
> Just what do we like a woman to look like?  I hope Sabine and 
> others of us will think about what Sabine has written and reconsider her 
> opinion of what happened and is happening to her.
> Thanks for the thought provoking descriptions Sabine.  I'm intrigued.
> Joy

I really wonder what thoughts I did provoke with my post. But maybe that's
a matter of different communities - a "neat" physicist is usually someone
who showers regularly and wears clean jeans and T-shirts (hope I am not offending
anyone with that - but I know too many who do not seem to know what a shower
is for and who are capable of wearing the same T-shirt for a week in a row 
without washing it). Anyway, the standards are quite low, so "dressing up" 
with respect to this is quite simple and outside of the institute may even
be "below average". Actually, I think that the one guy in our (small) institute
who always wears a tie is teased about his clothes far more often than I am.
(They ask him what's wrong when he doesn't wear it.)

What I hoped to get across (and, as it seems, that did not come out of my
post) was that sometimes maybe we worry too much about clothes and what
impression they have on others - if you just wear what you feel good and
comfortable in, you'll feel secure, and others will sense that security.
So I do not think anything is "happening to me" - I think that I have found
what I am comfortable with, and that without being "manipulated" by men.

I have a mental picture of what Joy thinks me to look like and I guess it's
utterly wrong (I even have very short hair - is that what you expect a woman
to look like?). If you want to set it straight, have a look at my home-page
(though the picture there is quite bad quality).


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