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I would hope that every woman needing a "legal, safe abortion" gets the 
freedom to choose what's BEST for them without the persecution of others.  
There are too many starving and unwanted children on this planet.  God 
save them and those who want to adopt - Please adopt one of them!  I 
am very definitely Pro-life and Pro-choice!  Thanks for the info and 
address of what I hope is a legitimate, safe, and healthy place.  
Remember, hate is not a family value!  Caring and supporting each other 
are family values.

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>>    If you are in Philadelphia and in need of a legal, safe abortion,
>>            Elizabeth Blackwell Center for Women
>>            1124 Walnut Street
>>            Philadelphia, PA 19107
>>            215.923.7577
>        I would hope that you would choose a different option.  There
>are many people who cannot have children who would love to adopt a baby
>of any race.  Contact Catholic Charities, or if there is a PROJECT
>COURAGE near you, they can help.  Please consider this!

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