dressing down

Dianna L. Bourke dlb17 at PSU.EDU
Fri Feb 9 17:14:27 EST 1996

> For my oral
>exams I was very careful to wear running shoes jeans, and an old sweatshirt,
>and just for affect a ponytail. And many times during student seminars, when
>new students decide to dress up to present( men and women), they are treated
>much worse than those who dress down.

Now this is very curious to me. In my (apparently northeastern
conservative) graduate program, we all (men and women) dressed a little
better for presentations and oral exams. Geez, some departments must be
really knee-jerk politically correct about casual dressing. I have noticed
increasingly, that many people don't even bother dressing for a platform
presentations at a National Symposia any more.

After having lived in the blue collar, democratic (yet highly traditional)
northeast for most of my life with a brief stint in the wildly liberal,
politically correct, Berkeley area of Calif, I have come to the conclusion
that no one is more intolerant than the wildly politically correct liberal
WHEN YOU DISAGREE WITH THEM! And I always thought I was politically
correct! I suppose this applies to dressing, too. When I was in Calif, I
has several silk dresses that I had to "dust" once in awhile, since I was
afraid if I ever wore them to any school function, I would be considered
pretentious. Go Figure.


Dianna L. Bourke
Penn State Hazleton

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