women scientists dressing down

Donna Woodka woodka at pauline.sdsc.edu
Fri Feb 9 17:02:46 EST 1996

Well, I'm not a scientist currently, but I have an interesting story on 
dressing up. For my MBA capstone class, we had to do a project that involved
playing a computer simulation of tennis shoe manufacturers, going up against
other groups in the class as rival companies. When it came time to do our
strategy presentation on what our company's strategy for the competition had
been, all the other groups presented their reports dressed in suits and ties.
We were one of the last groups to present, and watched and waited. For our
presentation, our group showed up in tennis shoes and running outfits, 
presenting our "new line of running attire" that we were going to sell, and
presented ourselves as "a bunch of runners who had decided to start a company"
rather than as stuffy old business people. One of our presenters wore "one 
of our shoes, and one of the competitors" - ours being a nice, fairly used 
but well-held-up shoe, and the competitor's was an old, beat-up destroyed 
shoe. Needless to say, we got first place on our presentation.  ;^)

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