Abortion is Legal

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>>    If you are in Philadelphia and in need of a legal, safe abortion,
>>            Elizabeth Blackwell Center for Women
>>            1124 Walnut Street
>>            Philadelphia, PA 19107
>>            215.923.7577
>        I would hope that you would choose a different option.  There
>are many people who cannot have children who would love to adopt a baby
>of any race.  Contact Catholic Charities, or if there is a PROJECT
>COURAGE near you, they can help.  Please consider this!

Does anyone have stats on just howmany children there are currently waiting to
be adopted? Any stats on the racial percentages? Because I think this statement
is rather naive...I believe we already have more parentless or neglected
children than can be adopted...or in fact are being adopted....the reality
...harsh as it is..is that people do not adopt children of any race...and they
do not adopt children of any age. I am both Pro-life and pro-choice...you
should do everything possible not to get yourself into a situation where you
need to consider an abortion...you need to be prepared and you need to be smart
about sex....however, should you find yourself pregnant ....and are not capable
either financially, emotionally, or mentally able to give that child a
reasonable life or have any reason to think you might not...abortion is
certianly an option that should be considered....there are unfortunately much
worse things that can happen to a person than to never get started at all. If
you think that you could manage to take care of a child, even if it would be
very difficult to you..I think you should take that responsibilty. Ultimately,
it is your choice and I would support it either way.


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