what would you have done?

Mon Feb 12 15:35:52 EST 1996

Thanks for all the replies; much appreciated.  The whole incident
still bothers me once and a while, but that is because I was/am not
put off by the questioning.  My husband, when I told him the story,
thought that they had a right a) to confirm the publications were
mine and b) to wonder how a young person, just married, could deal
with upcoming changes (ie, does she (or he) have a suportive spouse
if moving/sacrifices are involved?  And believe me, sacrifices were
involved (my husband was unemployed nearly 2 years, but in the fall
found a super job).
     Since I did not meet any male candidates who were married, I
could not ask them the question; anyhow, the whole thing arose from
the surname discrepancy of the publications.  What grounds would
they have to ask the questions if I had not changed my surname?  My
fault for being "old-fashioned"?
     Alas, I will never know.
     From reading some of the postings, I should not complain (ie,
the physician who drew power from ordering women to disrobe, and the
anti-women/children boss).  For the really hard cases, and where
there is no possible legal recourse, I would only feel pity for
them.  What a horrible life they must have if they derive power not
from respect but from intimidation
     In any case, I have learned a valuable lesson for the future.
P.S. Thanks again!

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