apologies made to all but the right person

ED MCNALLY cruyff at ix.netcom.com
Mon Feb 12 01:19:09 EST 1996

        I was going to let this drop, but I really can't.  In articles
3511 and 3518, 1kista at UNM.EDU (Linnea Ista or someone using that
address and name) responded to my post.  What I had done was to provide
information on an alternative to abortion in response to a post
providing information on how to obtain one.  Ms. Ista's response seemed
to be one of anger in which she stated that it seemed convenient for me
to "tell the rest of us (women) how to live, knowing that you are

        If you take a moment to read the posts, I did not tell anyone
how to live. I only provided information on how to obtain information
on an alternative to abortion.  I will assume that Ms. Ista would term
herself "Pro-choice" (my apologies if I am incorrect).  I will also 
point out that providing information on options is consistent with the
term "Choice", whereas censuring that information is very much the
antithesis of "Choice".  In other words, to say that this information
should not be provided would be to "tell the rest of us how to live". 
I do not think that this is what Ms. Ista would want.  I also will
assume that she does not feel that every pregnancy should end in
abortion.  (Again, my apologies if I am incorrect)

        I would not have responded to this except for two reasons:

    1. Ms. Ista made two apologies to the rest of you, but not to me,  
       even after having it pointed out to her that she had seriously  
       misinterpreted what I had said ( I sent her e-mail to this      
       effect, and two others posted general articles).

    2. My words were discounted simply because I am a man.  Reverse    
       discrimination against men by some will not help resolve any    
       oppression leveled against women.  I was told earlier that an   
       incident I described in which I was told that I was having      
       difficulty with a superior because "I don't think she likes men"
       was an isolated incident.  It seems that it is  assumed that    
       situations like this rarely occur, and should therefore be      
       discounted.  They are not as rare as many think. Besides, I     
       reiterate that such backlashes only serve to heighten tension,  
       and are in direct opposition to what should be the real         
       objective, which is justice.

I do not wih to use this forum as a debate for abortion.  In fact, I
originally subscribed to this group so that I could possibly gather
information of value for my female students.  I have to say that I am
very disappointed that everything seems to be directed toward what has
been done wrong, rather than providing information for those of us who
want to do something right for women-in-bio.  

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