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> Does anyone have stats on just howmany children there are currently waiting to
> be adopted? Any stats on the racial percentages?

Nothing about the US but here in Germany around every seventh couple that wants
tho have children can't get any. Next, there is a huge demand for adopting
children. If you want to adopt a child you'll have to pass checks about your
personal situation and then you'll have to wait for years and there is still
no guarantee that you'll get a child. So on the other hand there is some sort
of a black market. And of course, there are certain preferences concerning the
children: the younger the better (once a child is older than a year it is
a lot easier to adopt it, elder children don't almost have any chance to
get adopted), white ones preferred over coloured. I heard that you'll have
to pay around US$ 35,000 for a white and new born baby on this black market.

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