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Karen Wheless (wheless at sunchem.chem.uga.edu) wrote:

: Here in Georgia, even though most everyone dresses down during normal 
: work, dressing up for a presentation is mandatory (at least to the extent 
: of a sport coat over jeans for the men, a skirt or nice pants with no 
: holes for women).  And most professors (as opposed to grad students) put 
: on a tie for teaching class (I'd give the female equivalent, but I've 
: never had a female prof here).  And interviewees tend to dress up - to 
: the extent of a prospective instructor in blue "power suit" having lunch 
: in the faculty dining room with four students in jeans and shirts covered 
: with holes!  Maybe this has to do with it being the "South"?

: Karen
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Hi All,
	I use to have this problem with my art teacher at school, she was
drop dead gorgeouse and a favourite amongst the boys, I was the most
talented artist in the school and it was torture when she came over to me
with her low cut dress baring her boobs on my face. How do you expect
anyone to learn if that happens?


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