apologies made to all but the right person

Linnea Ista lkista at UNM.EDU
Tue Feb 13 10:34:44 EST 1996

On 12 Feb 1996, ED MCNALLY wrote:
>         My point, once again, was that I only provided information on
> an option, without a command to do anything.

This is something you say over and over.  However in re-reading your 
orginal  post, you did preface your information with the statement: "I 
would hope you would make another choice". Reflecting over the weekend, 
it was this statement and not that you provided "opposing" information 
that so angered me and prompted my angry reply. To me this implied that 
you were making a judgement on what the appropriate choice was for any 
pregnant woman in any situation. My response was merely pointing out that 
no one can make that (or any) decision for another person unless one has 
truly walked in her shoes.  

I also reacted I believe to the idea that a woman seeking an abortion 
would not have considered all of her options.   Most family planning 
clinics I have dealt with have information available on all possible 
choices.  So many times it seems that those who are opposed to abortion 
think that the decision and procedure are for the woman as simple as 
getting a hair cut or manicure.  They aren't.  

One final response now that I have thought about  this over night.  Mr. 
McNally implied in his response to my first public appology that I 
dislike men simply because they are men.  This is simply not true as my 
fiance, coworkers and many male friends could tell you (why some of my 
best friends are guys;-)).  I _do_ dislike the whole patriarchy thing and 
this whole abortion debate seems to me about men controlling women.  I 
_do not_ wish to continue debating  this in this forum. As many have 
pointed  out this is not the appropriate place to do so. If anyone wishes 
to discuss this with me further, please feel free to e-mail me. 

Once again, I apologize for responding to the initial posting in anger. I 
do not apologize for the anger itself.

Thanks for your patience

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