Zoology opportunities HELP!

Merianda T. Srikanth mts at tmn7
Tue Feb 13 12:26:02 EST 1996

I need the following information for a prospective student with 
following qualifications.

   1. B.Sc in BBZ(Botany-BioChem-Zoology):First Class
      University of Mysore India
   2. M.Sc in Zoology (cell culture):First Class
      University Of Mysore India

   3. Working on dropsophila, concerned with genetics in a research.

  I would like to know if she can get into any researches going on in USA/CANADA
  If so, how and what Universities are good to contact. What kind of materials to 
  provide and how the process could be taken care of. If any one who had experiance
  or know about the process please let me know.

  Thank you

(513) 489-6294

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