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Tue Feb 13 16:35:21 EST 1996

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(edited) I think dressing
> up shows that you take it serious...oral are not everyday affairs...and are
> very important to the PhD so I try to send the message that I am profesional,
> that I recognize the importance of the situation....I think it has paid off for
> me.
> Jen

I agree-dressing for an important event helps convey the idea that it _is_
important to you and to those attending.  I wore jeans/sweatshirts or
shorts/t-shirts all through grad school, but put on a skirt for seminar
presentations and my orals.  I really don't think anyone is going to take
you less seriously for dressing up.  My fashion concession to becoming an
Assist. Prof. is that now I no longer wear shorts or blue jeans to work,
but otherwise I'm still pretty casual. After dressing two kids in the
morning, I'm happy that I manage to get everything on and fastened before I
head out the door!  In contrast, one of my female collegues here is always
well dressed, with stylish clothes, makeup and accessories.  She is highly
respected, and no one would ever suggest that her research skills have been
compromised by her desire to present a polished appearance.
Deborah Britt, Ph.D.
Medical Oncology
RI Hospital/Brown University

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