Dressing Down

Public Workstation public at biomed.med.yale.edu
Tue Feb 13 22:18:54 EST 1996

I am a jeans and t-shirt or sweatshirt kind of girl, always have been but I find 
that I am in an environment where wearing the same thing day after day is okay. I 
find it revolting. I do change my jeans and shirt daily. I also find it very 
unprofessional to give a talk e.g. a wing or hall presentation in jeans sometimes 
with holes in them. I must admit I often come to the lab looking like a bum. I used 
to feel really embarrassed when I went out with friends (who work in normal places) 
on Friday afternoon for happy hour; now it is just a given that I will show up with 
either Levi's or Lee's on the bottom and something cotton on the top. Then again 
everytime I consider dressing better I think of the bromophenol blue and xylene 
cyanol I load my DNA samples with everyday.

twilliam at biomed.med.yale.edu

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