High heels

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Tue Feb 13 22:29:09 EST 1996

I am convinced high heels were developed by some cruel man who hated women. They are 
the most uncomfortable things on the planet. I would not take a job where heels were 
a requirement. The shoes that are out these days with the large heels are more 
comfortable but after a day of wandering around they also hurt. Taking them off 
under the boardroom table is a no-no because your feet swell while the shoes are off 
and it makes it worse to get back into them.

I must admit though. Heels do make ones legs look more attractive so I do wear them 
to places where I care that my legs look more attractive and lab just AIN'T one of 
those places and I can't see a job in science with the men that exist in science 
being one of those places.

Tori, Grad student

twilliam at biomed.med.yale.edu

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