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Wed Feb 14 16:47:12 EST 1996

     Karen Allendoerfer, in her reply to Linnea concerning this post 
     suggests that the original post is a "troll".  I am convinced of it.  
     This person has caused a great deal of havoc in another newsgroup to 
     which I subscribe (not a science newsgroup) with his constant 
     inflammatory woman-bashing statements.  He should be totally ignored 
     and not be allowed to get a foothold in this newsgroup.
     Margaret Martens

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Subject: Re: women scientists dressing down
Author:  wahchan at (Mr. W.Y. Chan) at Internet-Mail
Date:    2/13/96 16:09

Hi All,
 I use to have this problem with my art teacher at school, she was
drop dead gorgeouse and a favourite amongst the boys, I was the most 
talented artist in the school and it was torture when she came over to me 
with her low cut dress baring her boobs on my face. How do you expect 
anyone to learn if that happens?

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