women scientists dressing down

Karen Allendoerfer ravena at cco.caltech.edu
Wed Feb 14 12:29:54 EST 1996

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Linnea Ista <lkista at UNM.EDU> wrote:
(quote from poster whose name was snipped by my server)>> : -- 
>> Hi All,
>> 	I use to have this problem with my art teacher at school, she was
>> drop dead gorgeouse and a favourite amongst the boys, I was the most
>> talented artist in the school and it was torture when she came over to me
>> with her low cut dress baring her boobs on my face. How do you expect
>> anyone to learn if that happens?
>> 	Wah.
>This reminds me of a critique a fellow instructor of mine got while 
>teaching an engineering class. In her formal evaluation, under the part 
>where it asks what the instructor could do to be more effective.  One 
>student's response "make yourself uglier; I was too overcome by sexual 
>desire to learn from you".  For the record, she dressed in skirts and 
>nice shirts, very professionally.
>If your teacher had not been "drop dead gorgeous" would this have been a 
>problem for you?
>What do the rest of you think?

I think this original post was a "troll," i.e. something to get a reaction
out of us.  It functions much in the same way that the comments of the
"students" who fill out evaluations forms the way Linnea described do--
showing us an immature person with too little to do  trying to get noticed.  

I had a roommate who received an evaluation form that read, in response to
the question "what were some of the best things about this course?" the
answer "Lisa's breasts."  

Apparently course evaluations, since they are anonymous, are one of the
last forums for blatant sexual harassment.


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