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dana ann dudle ddudle at ucs.indiana.edu
Thu Feb 15 08:16:30 EST 1996

Dear Ed,

Do your students have access to newsgroups?  If so, you may want to tell 
them about this group and allow them to decide what is appropriate.  I am 
not trying to be rude, but I think that young women who are going to be 
entering science would benefit from the thoughtful and insightful 
discussion that goes on here.  I do, at any rate.  However, I realize 
that some students (particularly in high school) do not have Internet 
connections.  There are newsgroups that post information about jobs in 
biology, although they are not strictly for women.

Dana Dudle

ED MCNALLY (cruyff at ix.netcom.com) wrote:

: What is the purpose of this group?  I accessed it originally in the
: hopes of obtaining information for my female students regarding
: scholarships, career insights, etc.  Is it more of a sounding board for
: complaints?  If so, can someone please direct to a more appropriate
: place?  Any information which can be provided would be appreciated.

: Again, I apologize if this sounds critical, but I am looking for
: information, and the threads on work attire and such are not
: appropriate to my needs.  Please advise.

:                                     Ed McNally

:                                 cruyff at ix.netcom.com

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