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In article <4fugqd$mb6 at cloner4.netcom.com>, cruyff at ix.netcom.com(ED MCNALLY ) 
|> I am seeking information here, not looking to become engaged in a
|> posting war.
|> What is the purpose of this group?  I accessed it originally in the
|> hopes of obtaining information for my female students regarding
|> scholarships, career insights, etc.  Is it more of a sounding board for
|> complaints?  If so, can someone please direct to a more appropriate
|> place?  Any information which can be provided would be appreciated.
|> Again, I apologize if this sounds critical, but I am looking for
|> information, and the threads on work attire and such are not
|> appropriate to my needs.  Please advise.
|>                                     Ed McNally
|>                                 cruyff at ix.netcom.com


I do not know when you joined this newsgroup, actually the topics 
discussed are of a quite broad range. Topics discussed lately included 
possibilities for part time work in science, how to handle searching 
for a job when you have a spouse that might not too easily be able to
relocate with you, how to handle certain questions on job interviews 
etc. I have been around for half a year now, and found most very 
interesting. Even this clothes discussion was something I really 
enjoyed - as a physicist, in meetings I attend it often happens that 
giving a talk one faces an audience consisting nearly only of men,
with maybe two or three women included in it. In such a situation, 
you start to worry what to wear to make a 'professional' 
impression. And, being quite isolated as a woman in my field, I 
enjoy this forum as an opportunity to discuss these things with 
other women. But I think the topics 
you would like to hear about would not be discussed just out of the 
blue. I think that a post requesting information on scholarships 
would receive attention and be answered with helpful information. 

But I am afraid that if you are looking only for 'hard facts',
and do not want to waste your time by looking through posts
dealing with clothing, etc. you might be wrong here. Anyway,
maybe you will stick around for a little longer, just to get 
a better impression of what is going on. 


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