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>What is the purpose of this group?  I accessed it originally in the
>hopes of obtaining information for my female students regarding
>scholarships, career insights, etc.  Is it more of a sounding board for
>complaints?  If so, can someone please direct to a more appropriate
>place?  Any information which can be provided would be appreciated.
>Again, I apologize if this sounds critical, but I am looking for
>information, and the threads on work attire and such are not
>appropriate to my needs.  Please advise.

Try some of the web sites for Women in Science and Engineering, 
Society of Women Engineers:
The ADA Project site at Yale:
The American Association of University
Women site:
and Tomorrow's Women in Science and Technology (TWIST)
You can reach them from my resource list (under consruction at the moment, so
please excuse the mess) for the book I'm currently writing about encouraging 
girls to be interested in science and technology. The URL for the 
resource list is at:


You might also be interested in the National Science Teacher's Association:

This is the *best* newsgroup I've found for discussions about women in
science, and *I've looked a lot* in researching this book!
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