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Gert Jan Gast gjgast at nioz.nl
Thu Feb 15 08:24:02 EST 1996

cruyff at ix.netcom.com(ED MCNALLY ) wrote:
>I am seeking information here, not looking to become engaged in a
>posting war.

As long as you don't post, you will not become involved in 

>What is the purpose of this group? 

A place to exchange knowledge, views, experiences, ideas, 
emotions, troubles, etc.. There is no intentioned purpose, it 
evolves as persons contribute.

> I accessed it originally in the
>hopes of obtaining information for my female students regarding
>scholarships, career insights, etc. 

You cannot expect a newsgroup to fulfill all your hopes. But 
sometimes this kind of information is contributed.

> Is it more of a sounding board for

It is more what bothers women in science. Being a man as much 
as you are I find that there are things to learn here. All the 
getting heard "complaints" made me aware of surprisingly frequent 
phenomenon I seldom noticed before. 

 If so, can someone please direct to a more appropriate
>place?  Any information which can be provided would be appreciated.
>Again, I apologize if this sounds critical, 

It sounds more like a complaint.

>but I am looking for
>information, and the threads on work attire and such are not
>appropriate to my needs.  Please advise.

1. ask for specific information you want
2. better: let your female students themselves ask for the 
information they seek. 
3. do not read postings that do not interest you.

Cheers, GJ.

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