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In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.960215095627.25054A-100000 at tin>, "Ms. S.J. Rickard" 
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|> Are there any Europeans out 
|> there??? Any Brits????

Yes, there are Europeans out there, like me (german, and working in Germany),
and I remember having seen postings from Britain once in a while. 

|> I also feel that the newsgroup can be a teensy bit over serious at times. 
|> I'm 23 and a Research Asst in a research institute in London, I don't 
|> have kids, a husband or a Chair!!!! Sometimes the threads can be a 
|> entirely about the above topics and it makes me feel very, very young!!!! 
|> Does anyone else think this???? Can we lighten up and chat about other 
|> less important stuff sometimes??? I would enjoy that very much!

Well, I'm 26, also have neither kids nor husband and am still a grad student
(though that's not what it is called in Germany - no grad school either - here
you would just say 'working on my PhD'), but
I found the discussions about the above topics interesting. I still hope the
time will come when I will have all of the above (including the problems), 
and then I'll be glad to have heard some opinions on certain issues beforehand.

Besides, it is not such a big group, there are never many things going on 
simultaneously - sometimes it is more serious, sometimes less - like that
clothes debate. But if you want to chat - why not just start a thread you are
interested in here? As you say yourself, this newsgroup is what we make of it.

But what I really love about this group is how people start to defend it 
whenever someone "threatens" it (like during Christmas break, when people 
started asking if anyone ever posted here, or just like lately due to Ed's 
posting). I found it when looking for a newsgroup for female physicists or 
scientist in general - I did not find anything except this, so I sticked 
around and now, after quite a while, I would not want to miss it any more.

However, Sarah, just like you I miss an "European" viewpoint in many 
discussions - things are just different over here, besides being 
different from country to country inside of Europe. So if we could 
include some "European" or "younger" topics, I would be grateful, too -
but at the moment I don't have any pressing concerns I might post here.


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