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Joy Frestedt frest001 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
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I think it is very BAD advice to "have students awaiting this information 
and withholding college decisions until it can be provided" - especially 
if you have no knowledge of the info you seek for them.   PLEASE, please 
let your students look for themselves!  I do think the WWW sites were a 
wonderful resource provided to you (check it out and have you students 
link to other sites which the individual student chooses).  College bound 
students are adults and holding them back because you fail to provide for 
them should not be YOUR fault.  Set them free and ENCOURAGE THEM!!!!!

Also, individual colleges tend to provide FAR more support than any other 
form of funding.  So have your students ask the colleges they are 
applying to!  Have them go to the LIBRARY and look up funding places.  
TREAT them like adults!  They'll be in the world soon and you CAN HELP 

After they've done the research maybe they can get online and post back to 
us what they have found.  As you can see from the dismal response this 
info is MUCH NEEDED!  And those of us online would definitely pass on the 
fine work of your young students to others who need the info!


On 16 Feb 1996 21:24:08 GMT, 
ED MCNALLY  <cruyff at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>            I have received a number of responses to my query as to the
>purpose of this group, some general postings, some e-mail.  The common
>advice is ask if ypou want to know something.  However, I asked in that
>query where I might find the information I seek on such things as
>scholarships, etc.  and have received only one direct response.  I will
>pose the question again:
>                    Where might I find information on scholarships for
>young women interested in pursuing a career in education.  Surely on
>this vast sea of knowledge, a number of people can steer my ship on the
>right cours.  I have students awaiting this information and withholding
>college decisions until it can be provided.  Rest assured, I am
>pursuing other avenues, but I logged onto the Internet with this as
>almost my sole purpose.  
>I am looking for guidance, not a fight.  If I have offended anyone,
>sorry.  However, my responsibilities lie with these young women, and I
>am doing what I feel is best for them.  They can become involved in the
>various debates as they move along, but for now, I want to get them

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