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SL Forsburg susan_forsburg at qm.salk.edu
Fri Feb 16 18:56:57 EST 1996


> *************** the two body problem,***********************
>         What is the two body problem?

The two body problem is a term used to describe the difficulty
a professional couple finds  of coordinating two (often scientific)
careers and finding good jobs in the same place.

>        Should there be a difference in the way women tend to do
>        science?

In terms of doing experiments and asking questions, in terms
of science as objectively seeking for truth, no. 
 BUt doing science isnt just interacting with test tubes at the
bench, in pure intellectual or technical isolation.  

Doing science is also being part of a profession, 
 a human activity within a social structure. Some studies
suggest that women are more perfectionist in terms of what they
will publish.  And they may publish less, but with higher citation
impact.  My question in bringing this up was to seek observations
of scientists reading this board about whether or not they
see any differences that correlate with gender along the lines of
 these studies.

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