Purpose of group

ED MCNALLY cruyff at ix.netcom.com
Fri Feb 16 16:24:08 EST 1996

            I have received a number of responses to my query as to the
purpose of this group, some general postings, some e-mail.  The common
advice is ask if ypou want to know something.  However, I asked in that
query where I might find the information I seek on such things as
scholarships, etc.  and have received only one direct response.  I will
pose the question again:

                    Where might I find information on scholarships for
young women interested in pursuing a career in education.  Surely on
this vast sea of knowledge, a number of people can steer my ship on the
right cours.  I have students awaiting this information and withholding
college decisions until it can be provided.  Rest assured, I am
pursuing other avenues, but I logged onto the Internet with this as
almost my sole purpose.  

I am looking for guidance, not a fight.  If I have offended anyone,
sorry.  However, my responsibilities lie with these young women, and I
am doing what I feel is best for them.  They can become involved in the
various debates as they move along, but for now, I want to get them

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