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Fri Feb 16 15:52:17 EST 1996

>I have found this here at UNM also. One of our students recently quit >
>find a job. Although she had offers from all over the country, she >
>right here in New Mexico. Now I understand not wanting to leave New 
>Mexico because it is wonderful here, but her main motivation seemed to 
>not moving too far from her family.  To be fair, this is not a cultural 
>phenomenon, though, I have two friends who refuse to move from the east 
>coast because it would mean being far away from their parents.  Could >
>have something to do with the expectation in some families that the 
>daughters will eventually take care of their parents?

It could also have to do with the very real fact that living close to 
parents can be a boon for women who want to work and have children.  My 
mother is a judge, and though she doesn't have a lot of free time, the 3 
years I lived in the same town were wonderful when it came to someone to 
take the kids for 2 hours Saturday night so we could have an adult 
conversation, or someone to be contacted by the school if the parents 
couldn't be reached.  If the family has a stay-at-home grandma who wants 
to child-sit, the savings in daycare costs can be equivalent to a $10-
$12,000 raise (in the Northeast anyway)!

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