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Linnea Ista lkista at UNM.EDU
Fri Feb 16 13:11:17 EST 1996

On 16 Feb 1996, Galloway Cynthia M wrote:

> As to the purpose of this group, I also never thought I would run into 
> problems of discrimination, getting heard, etc. and quickly found that 
> these are very major problems still in existence today.  I am the only 
> female scientist at my University and find that after five years many of 
> the female students gravitate to my office and tell me things they would 
> never tell a male professor.  I find the postings here helpful and very 
> useful.  It also makes me feel less isolated to hear that others are 
> facing similar problems.  Most of the people I work with are wonderful 
> but the fact that I "express an X chromosome" is a problem to some people 
> and unfortunately some have been in a position to affect my career.  
> I would like to start, or attempt to start, another line of discussion.  
> I work at a predominantly Hispanic university and most of my female students 
> will not think about going away to school to pursue a Ph.D., even though 
> some are very qualified.  Many students have told me that you just don't 
> leave your family to go off to school.  I am not talking husband and 
> children but mom's, dad's and siblings.  I have even been confronted by 
> husbands and fathers that I am a bad influence on their daughters because 
> I am not married, do not live in the state where my parents live, and 
> seem to be happy. Does anyone else have this problem?
> Cyndy 

I have found this here at UNM also. One of our students recently quit to 
find a job. Although she had offers from all over the country, she stayed 
right here in New Mexico. Now I understand not wanting to leave New 
Mexico because it is wonderful here, but her main motivation seemed to be 
not moving too far from her family.  To be fair, this is not a cultural 
phenomenon, though, I have two friends who refuse to move from the east 
coast because it would mean being far away from their parents.  Could it 
have something to do with the expectation in some families that the 
daughters will eventually take care of their parents?


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