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Linnea Ista lkista at UNM.EDU
Fri Feb 16 13:06:39 EST 1996

On 16 Feb 1996, Dougherty, Erika, Dr. MBD BW wrote:


 I never thought I would have to deal with 
> discrimination--that was back in my mom's time, but now things have changed, 
> right? When I came here not quite two years ago, I soon found that sexism is 
> rampant in German society and particulary where I work. I thought, no 
> problem, my research accomplishments will convince them to treat me as an 
> equal. After having some successes in my projects, however, and seeing 
> absolutely no change in the attitudes of my male peers and superiors, I have 
> become a raving feminist (bring on the quotas, otherwise things will never 
> change). Having here (needless to say) absolutely no female peers, it has 
> been wonderful to get some confirmation from others that I'm not going 
> crazy--e.g. with the getting heard thread. Even though I am working in 
> industry rather than academics, so much of the discussion fits in 100% with 
> my experience.
> So, to close this rather long first post of mine, I want to emphasize: 
> whatever the purpose of this group is and has been, I hope it doesn't change 
> (much)!
> Erika Dougherty
I totally agree with Erika!  Although to other people reading, sometimes 
several posts all relating similar experiences may seem like complaining, 
they serve the purpose to me of knowing that what is happening to me is 
not unique.  I found a similar thing while in grad school: my roommate 
and I would have these big venting sessions, and then wonder if it was 
about us specifically. When we got together with the other women grad 
students, we found that many of us were experiencing the same thing.  
This made it possible to address some of the issues to people who could 
help us change them.  In my view, this group provides a similar 
experience: knowing that we are not alone!

I have also found many of the solutions people come up with useful!

Have a good weekend!

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