Denni Schnapp ds4 at
Fri Feb 16 09:29:04 EST 1996

Hurray, another Brit! Like Sarah, I was wondering whether I was more-or-less
the only European reading the newsgroup. But of course, women in biology seems
rather americanized because so few of us Europeans post there, so it's our
fault. How many are lurking here? I would enjoy expanding the whole careers
discusion to include a European point of view, not least because I am about
to start looking for a postdoc. We might also start discussing the troubles
and delights of moving to a different country to work, quite a lot of people
who take up their first postdoc go abroad, many to America. Anyway, I would
be happy if more Brits could join in the discussions in this group.


Denni (ds4 at

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