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Dougherty, Erika, Dr. MBD BW DOUGHER1 at MSMBWMA.marburg.hoechst-ag.d400.de
Fri Feb 16 09:10:24 EST 1996

Regarding Ed's note questioning the purpose of this group:

I have found the threads about dressing down, partners with careers, getting 
heard, etc. to EXTREMELY interesting and useful in my everyday work life. 
I'm not sure that Ed  is able to judge what might be useful and interesting 
to his female students. Why not have them log on themselves rather than 
filtering the information for them? Or if they can't log on, hard copies of 
the various postings might give them some food for thought.

This group has really been a lifesaver to me as an American working in 
Germany (see, Sarah, there are some other Europeans, although I did do my 
grad work in the US). I never thought I would have to deal with 
discrimination--that was back in my mom's time, but now things have changed, 
right? When I came here not quite two years ago, I soon found that sexism is 
rampant in German society and particulary where I work. I thought, no 
problem, my research accomplishments will convince them to treat me as an 
equal. After having some successes in my projects, however, and seeing 
absolutely no change in the attitudes of my male peers and superiors, I have 
become a raving feminist (bring on the quotas, otherwise things will never 
change). Having here (needless to say) absolutely no female peers, it has 
been wonderful to get some confirmation from others that I'm not going 
crazy--e.g. with the getting heard thread. Even though I am working in 
industry rather than academics, so much of the discussion fits in 100% with 
my experience.

So, to close this rather long first post of mine, I want to emphasize: 
whatever the purpose of this group is and has been, I hope it doesn't change 

Erika Dougherty

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