Purpose of group

Ms. S.J. Rickard srickard at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Thu Feb 15 05:10:56 EST 1996

I too often wonder the purpose of this newsgroup, but these things are 
not written in stone and a group should be fluid and dynamic.
I think I am possibly the only woman outside of North America who reads 
this newsgroup (or it feels that way!) and so I often cannot offer any 
opinions as my experiences are radically different to many woman 
scientists in America. We do not have "Grad School" (whatever that is!) 
and our degree/PhD system is quite different, so I feel I cannot comment 
on issues relating to jobs, careers etc. Are there any Europeans out 
there??? Any Brits????
I also feel that the newsgroup can be a teensy bit over serious at times. 
I'm 23 and a Research Asst in a research institute in London, I don't 
have kids, a husband or a Chair!!!! Sometimes the threads can be a 
entirely about the above topics and it makes me feel very, very young!!!! 
Does anyone else think this???? Can we lighten up and chat about other 
less important stuff sometimes??? I would enjoy that very much!
As for Eds question about the purpose of this newsgroup, I don't think 
there is a purpose, we the subscribers have only 2 things in 
common....one that we're women and two that we all have an interest in 
biology. The exact purpose of the group hangs entirely on those two 
things. Whilst I think it's great of Ed to think of his female 
students in 
subscribing to this group, I also think that as he doesn't meet one of 
the criteria (i.e. not enough X chromosomes) his role in the group should 
be as a listener and gatherer of information and not necessarily as an 
active participant. But then that's my opinion and the internet is a free 
world and he can do whatever he wants.
Lecture over!!!!
Replies gratefully recieved,

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