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SL Forsburg susan_forsburg at qm.salk.edu
Fri Feb 16 13:30:44 EST 1996

Ms. S.J. Rickard wrote:
> I too often wonder the purpose of this newsgroup, but these things 
> are not written in stone and a group should be fluid and dynamic.

As this one is....I've followed this group for several years
now (and I started reading it as a Yank in England, so I was at the 
time a reader in Britain if not British) and it has varied
 enormously in traffic and subjects.  As with any usenet group,
 if you want to see conversation on a particular topic, post 
something!  There are always a lot of lurkers who may be tempted
out by your post.  

As I see it this group is to deal with any questions related to
our pursuit of science as women, sometimes just to make sure
we are not alone out there (the further up the ranks one goes, 
the fewer women there are), sometimes to deal with issues such
as getting heard or what to wear to an interview or two-career 

The issue about men participating comes up regularly.  In my opinion
men are welcome to read and particpate.  Of course  there are always 
a few "bad  apples" who have spammed the group and the women on
it (I recall one who earnestly told me any problems I had as a woman
were because I didnt act like a man....well, yes, but why should I?)
but thankfully those have been few.  I think most men who "come in"
for a visit are open minded;  they may actually learn something or
just become aware of issues that they might not normally notice.  For
example, the "getting heard" thread....probably many men arent even
aware of that as a problem;  now that they know about it, they can
help make sure it doesnt happen, and teach their students strategies
to deal with it.
And, I think a lot of men have some of the same concerns as women do:
how to juggle career and kids, the two body problem, and making
science a more humane profession that welcomes different styles, 
rather than a macho career dominated by the aggressive heirarchical 
types.  So hang around, guys, and contribute!

Finally I will throw out a gambit for future discussion.  IS there a
difference in how women tend to do science?  Or how women tend
to present their work?  Can we cite examples of these differences
from our experience?

-- susan

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