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Gert Jan Gast gjgast at nioz.nl
Fri Feb 16 14:00:25 EST 1996

"Ms. S.J. Rickard" <srickard at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk> wrote:

>As for Eds question about the purpose of this newsgroup, I don't think 
>there is a purpose, we the subscribers have only 2 things in 
>common....one that we're women and two that we all have an interest in 
>biology. The exact purpose of the group hangs entirely on those two 
>things. Whilst I think it's great of Ed to think of his female 
>students in 
>subscribing to this group, I also think that as he doesn't meet one of 
>the criteria (i.e. not enough X chromosomes) his role in the group should 
>be as a listener and gatherer of information and not necessarily as an 
>active participant. But then that's my opinion and the internet is a free 
>world and he can do whatever he wants.

Hi all, 

   Is having no Y chromosome (to include those rare XXY's) to be 
hold as a criterium to participate in this newsgroup? I would 
very much like to know the general opinion on this question. 
   For the last six months or so I have almost daily read the 
postings in this newsgroup. I have found many 
contributions interesting, instructive and/or enjoyable. At times 
I was tempted to react, but I mostly refrained because I do 
recognise this as special place for many women. 
   However, to the principal that men should stay out as stated 
above, I disagree. Change,whether on the job or elsewhere, in our 
attitudes/relations/cultures has to be fought for and both women 
and men have to play their parts. The way I see to make this 
world a better place is in cooperation and communication, not in 
one gender excluding the other (whichever direction). Excluding 
men does not solve the problems you women (daily) have to meet.
   So I think that men should be allowed to post opinions, 
feelings, experiences, etc. in this newsgroup if they think they 
are contributing anything meaningfull. But naturally only in a 
decent, considerate and non-paternalising way!! (Which is of 
course precisely where Ed went so blatantly wrong.)
   If the general choice among you is to keep this newsgroup 
excusively for women, I will of course respect that not post 
   What do you think&feel?

Luck, GJ (indeed: XY)

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