Info re: scholarships

Simon Twigger simont at
Sat Feb 17 16:18:18 EST 1996

Dear Ed and anyone else interested in scholarship $$,

I am not sure if, contained anywhere in all of the responses to your 
initial posting posing the question, if you received an answer.  

Petersen's Guides are a great source of valuable information about 
undergraduate colleges, graduate programs, and scholarship information.  
There is a Petersen's exclusively for graduate and professional 
fellowships/scholarships and has listings for sub-groups such as women, 
minorities, etc.  I would highly recommend looking up these reference 
guides.  If you haven't heard of Petersen's guide, I would be happy to go 
to our library and give you all the pertinent info to have your library 
order one.  I think that these guides are a great place for your students 
(and I mean all of your students, not just the women or those interested 
in science) to go and find out exactly what's available.

Jennifer Potter

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