Ms. S.J. Rickard srickard at
Fri Feb 16 11:42:59 EST 1996

I am not alone!!!!!
Thank god, I was beginning to get a complex about it!!
I know I am young and only a lowly research assistant (down there with 
the amoebas!!!!!!!!), but I do tend to think that Americans take there 
science more seriously than us. There seems to be a lot more competition 
about postdocs, grad school (whatever that is!) and general careers for 
women. I work in a 95% women genetics lab here in London, and I find that 
no one is as hyped up or over competative about their "stuff". Things 
just chug along fine, we all get along, and most importantly we all have 
lives!!!! All this in a lab with a 5 research rating (top value!), so the 
science isn't suffering. The climate must be different over the 
Atlantic as it seems to me after reading posts about Americans looking for 
Phds and 
postdocs that there is so much pressure and competition. If I wanted to 
do a Phd I would have no trouble finding funding or a position in the UK 
and there are plenty of post docs about too.
I am quite glad it's is apparantly more relaxed over here as I like a 9-5pm 
existance (we all go home at 5pm, no weekend work either!), no stress and 
time to live my life!
Any comments from other Europeans (both of you!!!!) or Americans (all of 

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