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Fri Feb 16 20:57:53 EST 1996

In <72743.frest001 at maroon.tc.umn.edu> frest001 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU ("Joy
Frestedt") writes: 
>I think it is very BAD advice to "have students awaiting this
>and withholding college decisions until it can be provided" -
>if you have no knowledge of the info you seek for them.   PLEASE,
>let your students look for themselves!  I do think the WWW sites were
>wonderful resource provided to you (check it out and have you students

>link to other sites which the individual student chooses).  College
>students are adults and holding them back because you fail to provide
>them should not be YOUR fault.  Set them free and ENCOURAGE THEM!!!!!
>Also, individual colleges tend to provide FAR more support than any
>form of funding.  So have your students ask the colleges they are 
>applying to!  Have them go to the LIBRARY and look up funding places. 

>TREAT them like adults!  They'll be in the world soon and you CAN HELP

>After they've done the research maybe they can get online and post
back to 
>us what they have found.  As you can see from the dismal response this

>info is MUCH NEEDED!  And those of us online would definitely pass on
>fine work of your young students to others who need the info!

        I have been searching other options, as have the students.  The
girls to whom I refer are not waiting to apply, but waiting to make
final decisions as to which school to attend.  I would NEVER have have
a student wait for an unknown, perhaps non-existant, quantity.  I am
lucky enough to have students who are highly motivated and intelligent,
and who are using me as another resource in their searches.  I
certainly do encourage them to do this on their own as well, as I see
the benefit in that.  But, if I can help them, I intend fully to do so.
Thanks for your comments, and good luck to you as well.


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