Purpose of group

Lena Ting ting at roses
Fri Feb 16 20:08:57 EST 1996

cruyff at ix.netcom.com (ED MCNALLY) writes:
:                     Where might I find information on scholarships for
: young women interested in pursuing a career in education. 

Dear Ed,

	When I saw your question, I wondered why you would post to
bionet.women-in-bio for an answer, as my idea for who this group
represents is grad students, research scientists and professors in
biology (and other sciences too).  And, although a professor is an
educator, the route for that job is really to pursue your love of
science to the PhD level, rather than pursue what I think of as

So, my question to you is, are your girls interested in becoming
educators at the primary and secondary level, or at the college level?
If it's pre-college (and that is what I think of when people say they
are studying "education") this would probably not be the right place
to ask, thus the low response level you got from this group.

I would argue that since there are many women at pre-college levels
teaching, there might be fewer opportunities specific to women in that
area.  However, the number of women at the university level is still
low, and there are special fellowships for women to pursue a PhD, and
thus be on track to fill those positions.  But these opportunities are
for those applying to graduate school--some years off for your
students.  The grad school fellowship info should be available at
college financial aid, or scholarship offices.


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