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In article <4g3fkh$9v at news.ecn.bgu.edu>, Joseph Aharchi <mfja at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu> writes:
>cruyff at ix.netcom.com(ED MCNALLY ) wrote:
>>             I have received a number of responses to my query as to the
>> purpose of this group, some general postings, some e-mail.  The common
>> advice is ask if ypou want to know something.  However, I asked in that
>> query where I might find the information I seek on such things as
>> scholarships, etc.  and have received only one direct response.  I will
>> pose the question again:
>>                     Where might I find information on scholarships for
>> young women interested in pursuing a career in education.  Surely on
>> this vast sea of knowledge, a number of people can steer my ship on the
>> right cours.  I have students awaiting this information and withholding
>> college decisions until it can be provided.  Rest assured, I am
>> pursuing other avenues, but I logged onto the Internet with this as
>> almost my sole purpose.  
>> I am looking for guidance, not a fight.  If I have offended anyone,
>> sorry.  However, my responsibilities lie with these young women, and I
>> am doing what I feel is best for them.  They can become involved in the
>> various debates as they move along, but for now, I want to get them
>> started.
>IGNORE THIS CLOWN!!!  We are NOT his secretaries.  Let him find his own
>newsgroup and stop disrupting this one.

Whoa there....let's not become exactly what we are always fighting
against...reverse discrimination is certainly beneath us, don't you think? If
he were a woman teacher looking for information for his students...would you
say the same thing? I don't think so. I really don't think he's disrupting at
all...in fact I think he's working hard to figure out exactly the right way to
ask us a question without being attacked...which is admirable...if not often
difficult on this group ;-) In answer to GJ question (remember he's the XY), I
think men should be welcome to express their opinions...some are certainly
husbands or significant others of women scientists...or supportive colleagues
of women scientists who would like to be aware of our concerns....which I think
is great. I think everyone regardless of chromosomal content is capable of
forming a sound and reasonable opinion of certain issues...and while I may not
agree, they are certainly entitled to their opinion.  You do not need to be
able to become pregnant to have an opinion on abortion....but you should be
aware of all the issues involved and not rush to your opinion. And you should
be aware that the impact of your opinion on abortion will be significantly
greater on women.

So I say...stick around guys, and let's hear what you have to say....maybe
we'll all learn a thing or too..

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