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Sat Feb 17 23:05:06 EST 1996

In article <4g5lr3$ek at>, anne at (Anne Carpenter) writes:
>        In response to the recent query regarding whether men have a
>legitimate place on this newsgroup... By all means, YES!!
>        It seems to me that getting the men in our field to understand
>our problems and concerns would be the *very best way* to benefit women-
>in-bio.  I would guess that most women in our field have felt the pressures
>and can understand our complaints - Telling each other about our experiences
>is definitely very helpful and encouraging, However:  It seems that the
>only way to actually change some of the situations that we are in is for
>men to read and listen to what we're saying!  I am remembering a post in
>which a man on our newsgroup had his eyes opened about the gender differences
>bin verbal communication and vowed to pay more attention to this issue.
>     Don't you think it would be interesting for some of our male colleagues 
>and coworkers to read about the types of problems and concerns that female
>scientists have that maybe they never realized?
>     Please, all you men, don't be put off by the unkindness or hostility
>you may have been shown by some - your input is greatly appreciated, 
>and I hope that you will continue to learn from us, and teach us too!
>(P.S. Women:  Does it make sense to only care about what women say
>about gender issues in biology?)
>Sophomore - Purdue University
I wrote a very similar thing in a reply to another thread on case it
got lost in the rumble...I second Anne's opinion...speak up men and we'll all
learn a thing or two....

Grad Student - Mount Sinai Medical Center

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