phds - british ones

Catherine Collin cati at
Mon Feb 19 06:10:25 EST 1996

Hmm. It's possible that i read the newsgroup today a little too fast,
but i thought i saw a post about phds - british ones - and doing them
9-5 weekdays only. Well, i was quite surprised by this. Most people
i know doing phds in this country, and in england as well, work far
more hours than that. For reasons of necessity, enjoyment and also
because some people's circadian rhythms don't allow their brains to
function much before noon.
But i agree with the non-competitiveness, and think that it is one 
of the best things about doing a phd here. How could competitiveness
ever be better than enjoyment?

Anyway, this newsgroup is one of my favourites. And since there's
currently no
newsgroup. Could i ask if there are any part nonbiologists out there?


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