Outside the US

Ms. S.J. Rickard srickard at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Mon Feb 19 06:55:40 EST 1996

Thanks for the reply Joy, I now understand the US system better, however 
I will clear a few things up about the British system.
We go to school (equivalent to your high school) until we are 18. We do 
exams called A levels at school usually at 18. It's on the basis of these 
results that we get into University. We then do a 3 year degree course 
usually starting at 18 and ending at the age of 21. In the last year on 
the degree we take our Final exams and get graded on the basis of these. 
It is necessay to get a 1st, 2i or 2ii to go on and do postgraduate study. 
Either a teaching qualification (1 yr), Masters (1 yr) or a Phd (3 yrs). 
Most people who do all of these things back to back are around 24/25 when 
they finish and then do post docs etc.

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