Y not??

Ms. S.J. Rickard srickard at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Mon Feb 19 06:40:28 EST 1996

My reference to having a Y chromosome was supposed to be slighty 
humourous, not a criticism, perhaps my British humour is a little too 
dry, I shall endeavour to put smileys :) by my sarcastic comments in future!!
As to male participation, I still feel that this group should revolve 
around womans issues and that men do not necessarily have a place as 
active members.  I realise that they have a viewpoint and have things to 
say, but I do worry that the purpose of the group will be lost. The whole 
of science and the internet is predominantly male and this seems to be 
the only place women scientists have a forum, without the pressure of 
men. We can talk about what we want to talk about (be it high heels or 
childcare facilities) and set the agenda ourselves. I don't want this to 
be lost.
I am not a seperatist or feel that men are the enemy, but I do  think 
that sometimes it's nice to have discussions without men, particuarly 
when we often discuss our treatment by patriarchial society. How free 
would we feel if there were male participants?
There are many places on the internet male scientists can access, why do 
they need to actively participate in this newsgroup???? I can 
understand men wanting to gather info for students etc or just to browse 
and get a feel for how women feel about science etc, but isn't that 
This is just how I feel, am I alone?????
p.s. it was nice to hear from all you non Americans!!!!! (there are 4 of 
us now!!!!!!!!!)

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