Y not??

ED MCNALLY cruyff at ix.netcom.com
Mon Feb 19 14:38:39 EST 1996

>On Mon, 19 Feb 1996, Ms. S.J. Rickard wrote:
>> My reference to having a Y chromosome was supposed to be slighty 
>> humourous, not a criticism, perhaps my British humour is a little
>> dry, I shall endeavour to put smileys :) by my sarcastic comments in
>> As to male participation, I still feel that this group should
>> around womans issues and that men do not necessarily have a place as

>> active members.  I realise that they have a viewpoint and have
things to 
>> say, but I do worry that the purpose of the group will be lost. The
>> of science and the internet is predominantly male and this seems to
>> the only place women scientists have a forum, without the pressure
>> men. We can talk about what we want to talk about (be it high heels
>> childcare facilities) and set the agenda ourselves. I don't want
this to 
>> be lost.
>> I am not a seperatist or feel that men are the enemy, but I do 
>> that sometimes it's nice to have discussions without men,
>> when we often discuss our treatment by patriarchial society. How
>> would we feel if there were male participants?
>> There are many places on the internet male scientists can access,
why do 
>> they need to actively participate in this newsgroup???? I can 
>> understand men wanting to gather info for students etc or just to
>> and get a feel for how women feel about science etc, but isn't that 
>> enough????
>> This is just how I feel, am I alone?????
>> Sarah
>> p.s. it was nice to hear from all you non Americans!!!!! (there are
4 of 
>> us now!!!!!!!!!)

    This male did, and continues to, access this group to gather
information for his FEMALE biology students (young women-in-bio) who do
not have access to it and finds it patently offensive that someone who
wishes that discrimination not occur is ready to cut him out of a free
flow of information.  I will reiterate that you do not battle
discrimination with further discrimination, and that while I may be
here to gather insights, you MIGHT JUST gather some valuable insight
from a male as well, if you can open your mind to the possibility. 

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