"Y" not? and "women's" work

Galloway Cynthia M kfcmg00 at TAMUK.EDU
Mon Feb 19 12:31:38 EST 1996

--------Joy wrote:------------------
> I'm applying for a job teaching because the cut throat medical research, 
> stress, and competition are a pain.  Am I copping out because I'm female?  

I don't think you are copping out because you're female but don't think 
you will get any better treatment teaching.  Things are pretty cut throat 
in the teaching profession and the competition for equipment, research 
space, students and departmental resources are a pain.  Find out what is 
expected of you from the start: ie, how many graduate students are you 
expected to have, how much grant support you need to bring in, what is 
expected of you in the summer even thought you may be on a nine month 
contract, etc,

> Or I'm female and therefore I expect better behavior from my colleagues 
> (mostly men in powerful places) than I've been receiving.  I do expect 
> better behavior, but most of the men who counsel me say to expect this 
> deplorable treatment in the work I do.  Many women confidents (and forward 
> thinking wonderful men generally NOT in the trenches with me) also expect 
> better behavior.

I also expect better behavior in academia but, don't be disappointed when 
you don't see this.  Most of the people I work with are wonderful but, 
they all have different expectations of what I am suppose to achieve and 
this is my tenure year. 

Good luck in academia.

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