Y not??

Jennifer Potter jras at post.its.mcw.edu
Mon Feb 19 23:44:11 EST 1996

>     This male did, and continues to, access this group to gather
> information for his FEMALE biology students (young women-in-bio) who do
> not have access to it and finds it patently offensive that someone who
> wishes that discrimination not occur is ready to cut him out of a free
> flow of information.  I will reiterate that you do not battle
> discrimination with further discrimination, and that while I may be
> here to gather insights, you MIGHT JUST gather some valuable insight
> from a male as well, if you can open your mind to the possibility.

As women in biology, we are aware of and discuss the difficulties (many 
of which are applicable to BOTH genders) women in science encounter.

My approach to this and to all of the posts I read in 
sci.research.careers about the job market and how horrible it is to be in 
science is to try and rack up lots and lots of knowledge about jobs, 
working as a faculty member, etc. so that I can give myself the best 
possible shot at having a career in science.

Therefore, I think it unwise to try and exclude anyone from this group, 
because we all may learn something of value from him/her that may help 
us in our fight up the career ladder.  For example, Ed McNally is a link 
to the attitudes of the high school women he instructs.  I for one am 
curious how these young women view their job prospects in traditionally 
male careers.  Don't forget that as their instructor, he will affect 
their attitude towards science....how many of us are in science because a 
teacher made it exciting to us?  Or vice versa with any subject?

I also think that while we are discussing topics or flaming others that 
we should be aware that this group may be read by many others who are 
silent....The people who read this group may be forming an opinion about 
ALL women in biology based upon what they read.  Just because you're 
paranoid doesn't mean that they're NOT out to get you! :)

Just my 0.02,

J Potter

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