AWIS: what's it all about?

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Tue Feb 20 08:37:02 EST 1996

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Jennifer Potter  <jras at> wrote:
>I joined AWIS (American Women in Science) last year and so far have only 
>receive the glossy pub that they mail to me every so often.  I am a 
>little disappointed that I haven't heard from my local chapter (Madison, 
>WI) especially since the president of AWIS is from Madison.

You can't count on the national AWIS office to have passed your name
on to the local chapter. As another person mentioned, you should
contact the local chapter yourself using the info in the magazine.
Also, remember that on the local level, AWIS is a volunteer
organization, composed of people who are usually kept fairly busy by
their other lives (students, faculty, scientists in industry,
etc.).  So if you are interested in mentoring, you may have to start
something yourself.  As a member of the local AWIS board, I can tell
you that it's a bit frustrating when people get peeved at us for not
having particular programs -- we're barely covering what we are doing.
I would love to have someone with a particular interest take the lead
in starting a new program.  

Liz Johnson

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