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Hi Sarah and everybody! Thanks for all the posts on PhDs outside US,
its nice to see that there are many Europeans in the group and there
is much interest across the Atlantic in what we are up to and vice
versa. There has been a lot of stuff about British PhDs while I have
been away for a while, so I don't have much to add to that. Concer-
ning "failed" projects, not getting results is extremely discoura-
ging, though my supervisor insists that negative results are also
results (just not the kind I would publish, because they are not
proof of absence in this case). So the attitude in Britain that a
PhD project should not be regarded a failure just because it has
not lead to published work, as long as the science is sound, is a
very nice one. If it wasn't for that, I would have thrown in the
towel some time ago and consequently never gotten the very pretty
result which I found in my last year. But saying that, I suppose
the only thing that matters to employers will be publications and
I am sure that most British PhD students are well aware of that,
so I would not say that a British PhD is not competetive in some
sense. Most people I know (and on occasion even myself) also keep
long hours, though I do not thing that long hours make for quality
work. If you can time your experiments so well that they fit com-
fortably into a 9-5 day that shows excellent time management and
I would prefer that in my employees if I was a big boss.

Anyway, just my 0.001 worth.



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