Y not??

Ms. S.J. Rickard srickard at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Tue Feb 20 05:10:53 EST 1996

Dear Ed,
I wasn't advocating discrimination in any way or form. This newsgroup is 
available to both men and women as the internet has no censorship (as 
yet!). There is no way to enforce a "women only" newsgroup and I wouldn't 
want to. I only fear losing the uniqueness and essence of this newsgroup, 
which is: women in biology.
I think you are a wonderful demonstration of my point. Since you have 
been actively contributing to this newsgroup some women have had to 
become defensive in their replies and often I feel have had to justify 
themselves to you. The tone of the discussions have become a little more 
hostile, because frankly you have at times shown little understanding 
women. I don't want you to go away and stop reading this group, but I 
think your envolvement should be as a listener and occasional asker of 
pertinant questions, not as an antagonist or defender of men (I refer 
back to your comments about reverse discrimination).
There should be a forum for men AND women to discuss their roles in 
science and other issues, but I am not sure that this is it. I think we 
risk losing what we have already which is a place where women can air 
their views without fear of male criticism or competition.

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